Crystalline tames and crystalline limestone

This rocks, in base of mechanical-physics determination, are definite like "heavy, thinly absorbing, with strong resistance in dry condition and vicious weather immunity" rocks. Because of this are adequate to be used in the following ways:

  • like natural stone for the roads as sort of rocks and crashed stone;
  • addition limestone in agriculture to acid lands, sand clay;
  • for animal's food, like simple or double meal sorts;
  • like granulate mosaic in works of construction;
  • like raw material in glass industry and fi ne ceramics, class I and II of quality;

    At this using are capable, without exceptions, all accumulations of crystalline tames and crystalline limestone from territory, and it is estimate that in the future will have the same used.

    The geological and technological potential of resource is superior to present's requirements and can cower the substantial growing of demands. We need to know that they have big extension in massifs Preluca, Borcut, Inau and Rodna, where can be contoured new perimeters with not so many works of geological research.

    Apart of the one from up is Buteasa field, which is extract like blocks with big dimensions, from who can debit sorts used in interior and exterior ornamental lining of buildings. The clippings form exploitation can be used like granulate mosaics, moulds, borders and another.

    Eruptive rocks

    Eruptive rocks, like natural additions, are useful mineral substances most improved in numerous old and presents quarries, situated in the west of country, development area of old eruptive mountain Gutai.

    Limestone filler

    Used like addition in asphalts mixtures.