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STENCIL-ART and GRAFFITI are two artistic categories at the limit of the legality because they occur spontaneously in unconventional places and most of the times they are not received with joy.

But it’s exactly this legal – illegal limit that makes the creator artists to remain anonymous.

I think that this idea is expressed in the best manner by ANNE-CATHERINE NESA (France). Due to the beauty of her text, I would like to reproduce the original version.

"Wall Fragments
The walls, traditionally belong to those who use to be named, in a rapid and simplistic manner, unadapted, revolted, simples.
They are the refuge of the forbidden, they give for the floor to those who, without their existence, would be reduced to silence.
Anne–Catherine Nesa.

("Fragments de Mur
Les murs appartiennent traditionnellement a ceux que l'on a l'habitude de qualifier, de maniere rapide et reductrice, d'inadaptes, de revoltes, de simples.
Ils sont le refuge des interdits, ils donnent la parole a tous ceux qui, sans leur existence, seraient reduits au silence.
Anne-Catherine Nesa).

Please make pictures of everything Stencil–Art or Graffiti that appear daily, copy all on a CD or DVD (PAL system) and send to the following address:

P.O box 1, Of. Postal 9
430510 Baia Mare

Please name under each picture the place the work can be found (address, country) and your name.

All the pictures representing STENCIL-ART and GRAFFITI will be found online, on the site belonging to MUZEUL FLOREAN: Under each picture they will mention the address of the work and your name.

It is easy to achieve. We will work together on an extraordinary virtual exhibition made up of works meant for disappearance.

You can contact me for further information at the following mail address: I would like to ask you to send the pictures through CD or DVD format if you don’t want to block my computer and to “shorten my life” (our connection is a dialup one, that goes slowly and badly and so on).