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French-English Poetry Festival 2009

In October 30, 2009 took place in Baia Mare, at Florean Art Galleries, the round table dedicated to the French-English Poetry Festival which took place in June, 2009 in Paris. The round table was presided by Mr. Jacques Rancourt the director of both the Festival and the LA TRADUCTIERE magazine, and by Mr. Mircea Bochis, plastic artist, the manager of Florean Galleries. They presented the poems of the festival, the approached issue being the otherness. On this occasion the art critic Pavel Susara inaugurated the graphic exhibition of the artists grouped around the Transignum Printing House and La Traductiere magazine. Initially, the exhibition was opened at the Romanian Cultural Institute, in Paris, in June 2009. I kindly ask you to access the page of the La Traductiere Magazine: At the round table organized at Florean Museum it was resumed in discussions the otherness issue in poetry. We present below the poems presented at the festival, the points of view expressed on this occasion by Crina Bud and Gabriel Marian in texts and photographs, at this round table. The participants of this round table were poets, art critics, literature critics, students, many art lovers all discussing about the otherness. In the last number, that of January 2010 of the Romania Literara (Literary Romania) magazine, Pavel Susara art critic will present a very interesting material on the discussions that took place at theround table in Baia Mare, about the otherness in poetry, the theme of the French - English poetry festival organized in June 2009, in Paris by La Traductiere magazine.

The poems are here

About the festival by Crina Bud
About the festival by Gabriel Marian