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People that I will never see again

I am far away of home and I photograph people that I will never see again. I have chosen only a few from many hundred thousands that I show you as well. People that I will never see again look like this. How do yours look like? Maybe we could collect people that we will never see again... Maybe we will exchange them... Does it sound bad? Does it sound well? I don't know... They are people I pull out anonymity or maybe they pull us out... All that you have send on the following e-mail: and I will take care of the collection. Let's see what will come of it all... Mircea Bochis.

Oameni pe care nu o sa-i mai vad niciodata

Sunt departe de casa si fotografiez oameni pe care nu o sa ii mai vad niciodata. Am ales doar cativa din sutele de mii pe care vi-i arat si voua. Asa arata oamenii pe care nu o sa-i mai vad niciodata. Ai vostri cum sunt? Poate facem o colectie cu oameni pe care nu o sa-i mai vedem niciodata... Poate facem schimburi...suna nasol? suna bine? nu stiu... sunt oameni pe care i-am scos din anonimat sau poate ei pe noi.. Trimiteti tot ce aveti pe adresa, iar eu ma voi ocupa de colectie. Sa vedem ce iese... Mircea Bochis.

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Chantal Laurin (Canada)

Dale Roberts (Canada)

Henning Mittendorf (Germany)

Liliana Dumitriu (Romania)

Carmen Mavrea & Cerculdisparut (Romania)

Eric Lee

Mirela Traistaru - India 2002

Mirela Traistaru - Cairo 2008

Mirela Traistaru - China 2008

Keith A. Buchholz (USA)

Agota Krnacs