The stone takes a special place in different
There is a strong connection between
the soul and the stone.
According to the legend of Prometheus,
the creator of menkind, certain stones had
kept their human smell.
Both stone and human present a double
ascending and descending move.
Men comes from God and returns to God.
The unpolished stone comes from the sky;
once worked out it rises back to Him.

CMC® srl has a complex activity which can be classified according to the following main fields:
a) - extraction of natural rocks from owned quarries and ballast pits
• andesite - Remeti and Budesti quarries
• limestone - Letca and Rastoci quarries
• marble (dolomite) - Buteasa quarry
• crushed stones - Cufoaia and Letca quarries aggregates - Danesti pe Somes ballast pit
b) - processing of natural rocks from owned quarries and from other local providers’ quarries, as well as processing of imported rocks, resulting various models: polished, bush hammered, antiqued, flamed, sandblasted.
Using the best Italian technology and according to the Quality Management System SR EN ISO 9001:2001 and the Environmental Management System SR EN ISO 14001:2005, CMC® provides the following products:
•street and sidewalk pavements made of petrol grey andezite, black basalt andezite (Nero Dracula), granite, grey-white dolomite (Buteasa)
• vertical and horizontal tiles made of marble, calcar, travertine, granite, sandstone, eruptive rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks, having their usual sizes:
30,5x30,5x1cm; 40x40x1cm; 61x30,5x1cm; 100x30x1cm;
30,5x30,5x2cm; 40x40x2cm; 61x30,5x2cm; 100x30x2cm.
• special and handcraft objects: stairs, window sills, columns, Venetian mosaic and Roman edge.